Yadira – We are Northeastern



How does your life experience differ from that of your parents?

My life experiences have been so different compared to my parents’ experiences. My parents never had the opportunity to have dreams because they were always shut down by others. My parents wished they went to school; therefore, they did everything they could to make sure myself and my siblings had the opportunity they never had. My parents were forced to drop out of school so they could work and contribute to their households. Leaving everything behind, they decided to come to the U.S., where they did not know the language nor the culture. They came to this country looking for better opportunities not for themselves, but for their children. I cannot thank them enough for the life I currently have. Thanks to them, I was the first one in my family to graduate from college and soon will be the first one to graduate from a university. I know that my parents wish to have the life I currently have; therefore, I feel responsible to make all their sacrifices worth the risk.

Where do you turn when you need to get away?

I usually like to go to a quiet place in which I can just clear my mind from everyone and everything. I really enjoy going for a walk by Lake Shore Drive and just take time to think about life.

Pick your super power. Name your weakness. Explain!

My super power is to have the ability to go back in time. There are times where I miss being young and wish I could go back to those beautiful moments. I was born and raised by my grandma in Mexico, and sometimes I wish I could go back to those amazing moments being with her. My weakness is that I could only go back to a specific moment only once.

Where do you feel most at home at Northeastern?

I feel most at home in the Pedroso Center. I call the Pedroso “a loud library” because I get to have lunch, study and talk to friends all at the same time. The Pedroso Center is so full of amazing colors that is impossible for me not to go there. The Pedroso center also has an amazing staff that I consider family, and they are always willing to listen to my problems.