Bob – We are Northeastern



What made you decide to return to school and earn your degree at age 90?

From the time I left school, around 1955, I’ve had a recurring desire to “finish the job.” Two years ago, the right opportunity presented itself. NEIU was within six miles of the retirement home I live in, which has been very convenient. Their program of the B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies made sense to me.

What was the most difficult challenge coming back to school?

The most difficult challenge was in regard to the reading assignments in all of the classes and the ability to retain what was read. It’s just a handicap of age. I would read a page or two and try to recap what I had read. It was very difficult. To make any headway, it would take me twice the time that the younger students needed.

What support and encouragement did you find from the other students and faculty?

I cannot overstate my appreciation for both the students and the faculty. The students were friendly toward me right from the start. At first, some thought I was a professor but they adjusted quickly when they realized I was a student like themselves. The students were friendly in the classroom, they were friendly in the halls and they were friendly at the coffee stands. I was impressed by the professors. They were always prepared with what they were going to present on any particular day, and they showed a sincere desire to help the students learn.

After raising nine children, what advice would you share with a parent?

I believe the most important advice anyone can give a parent is to make sure you maintain a home filled with love and compassion. Everything else will fall in place. My wife and I were both on the same track in this regard.

What do you take pride in?

I pride myself on being successfully married to a wonderful lady for 56 years and watching our children living their lives in their own fashion, but always ready to “cover the back” of their siblings.