Joey – We are Northeastern



How does your life experience differ from your parents’ experiences?

I am a first-generation student. My parents have lived in Chicago most of their lives and haven’t traveled out of the state in a long time. I have had the privilege of traveling to many states and experienced other ways of life such as different cultures, communities, knowledge, and just general exposure that I experience on a day-to-day basis compared to my parents. My parents go through the same routine in life most days where I myself differ from that because I encounter many different options and choices. Truth be told, they did not have as many options while growing up.

What philosophy do you live by?

If you love others, others will love you. Treat people with respect and respect will be earned and received back. Bullying goes full circle. This is where I believe karma plays an effect when you are a bully and tend to harm others on purpose, life will find its way to you and pay you back in full. It’s also nearly impossible to respect people who don’t love and respect themselves. I believe that respected people love life, even with all its twists and turns.

How do you define “passion”?

Passion is something that you give your all to. It embodies the true essence of someone and their actions or decisions toward anything they do. It is such a strong and barely controllable emotion that it can basically take over our own lives. Passion is something that guides you through challenges and obstacles in your life, which aids you in overcoming barriers and further progressing toward your own goals. Passion is what steers the heart, sweat, struggle, tears and sacrifice in order for a greater purpose. It is almost difficult to even explain due to the amount of impact this emotion lays for one’s self and others. Finally, passion is not only for yourself, but helps keeps others motivated and pursue their passions as well.

Fifteen years from now, when you think back to your time at Northeastern, what will stay with you?

Honestly, this is hard to answer. I have experienced so many memories and moments here at NEIU that it is extremely difficult to pick just one. A person that hopefully stays with me after 15 years is my girlfriend, whom I met at NEIU. In 15 years, she would be my wife. I also want to think back to the moments when I cross the stage—first with my bachelor’s degree and then hopefully with my master’s. Hopefully, if I do decide to continue my education I will receive my Ph.D. as well.