Jose – We are Northeastern



What is the philosophy you live by?

“Happy accidents” are my philosophy. I’m a stoic in a way, but I also have plans for my future. Any accident that happens to me, whether heartbreaking or full of rejoices, it is a “happy accident” for me. The other philosophy that I follow is Socrates’ saying, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I try to live life to the fullest; to live the highest quality life can give; to always enjoy the good and bad moments in life.

How are you misunderstood?

Many people misunderstand me that I am lost in this world. People see or think that I have no clue in how to be “successful” in life. They think I’m wasting my time, and I respect their opinions. But I have goals and I know I will accomplish them. “All in good time” is what I say.

Where do you go to find comfort?

The most comfortable place in the world is the studio in printmaking at NEIU. It is the only place where my real identity is fully expressed. I feel at home. My ideas, my emotions are free from distractions, and it is the only place where I can truly find peace.

What is the next chapter in your life?

I haven’t finished my book yet, but when I do, I would let others choose a chapter that they think is the best of me for people to know.